Regular attendance is required for successful teaching and learning, as well as efficient scheduling.  If you need to miss occasional lessons, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance, so that I can offer open slots to other students.  With advance notice of absences, I will gladly credit make up lessons to your account.  The student calendar, including planned absences by the teacher is available via the student/parent portal.  Every effort will be made to provide ample notification of planned teacher absences.  


Everyone struggles occasionally to keep a regular practice schedule, and when practice is lacking, it's an opportunity for me to dive deeper into practice methods during the lesson.  However, long-term inability to practice, or a demonstrated refusal to practice may inspire a conversation about whether lessons should continue.


I can accept payments via cash, check, or person or online.  The easiest way for you to keep your account current is to login to the student/parent portal.  There you can view current charges, as calculated by schedule and attendance, and pay via card or PayPal.  I use a Pay-As-You-Go policy and do not expect payment in advance.  I reserve the right to discontinue lessons for any accounts more than 30 days unpaid.  In those circumstances, any accrued charges will be due.


Parents are encouraged to stay on the premises for lessons, but it is not required. All lessons are subject to recording by security camera.  Parents can view the footage in real time via a private weblink and may request DVDs of past footage.

Discontinuation of Lessons

Lessons may be discontinued by parents or adult students at any time.  A few weeks advance notice is helpful so that I can alert anyone on the wait list to open teaching slots.  If I feel that there are problems that may only be resolved by dismissal, I will open a discussion before removing a student from the schedule.  


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